Individual 401(k) Plan

As an active trader, your trading business can sponsor a 401(k) Qualified Corporate Pension Plan. It’s simple and easy to set up and run. At Traders Accounting, we have the exact process and service in place to help you establish and run your company’s 401(k) plan. Once you have the pension plan set up, you can borrow up to $50,000 from the plan. The self-employed – i401(k) — is a powerful business strategy for reducing taxes, and a perfect wealth building technique for you. And it includes 3 months’ administration. Just like the large Fortune 500 companies’ 401(k) plans, you can build up a substantial tax-deferred retirement. However, unlike the big Fortune 500 401(k) plans, your company’s 401(k) checkbook allows more options and more flexibility in the plan investments.

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