Tax Secrets For Traders

Traders Accounting offers Tax Strategies for Active Traders

True wealth is created only with after-tax profits

The “Tax Secrets for Traders” DVD was created for day traders, by Traders Accounting collaborating with CPAs and Tax Attorneys, bringing together years of tax, accounting, and day trading expertise. Traders Accounting has over a decade of professional experience helping small business owners maximize their tax savings, while at the same time dramatically lowering their audit risk. This DVD has everything you need to know about the Mark-to-Market Accounting Election, Wash Sales, Capital Loss rules for traders, how to use corporations and limited liability companies for your trading capital, and how to reduce your taxes to the legally lowest amount.See how successful traders can use a legal status to improve their cash flow. If you want to make more money from every trade, whether you gain or lose from the position, you will need to follow the steps and techniques revealed in this DVD series. “The prime responsibility of a trader, at all levels of trading, is managing cash flow. Failing to do so is the most common reason that over 90% of traders fail within their first three years.” says Jim Crimmins, President of Traders Accounting. Most CPAs or tax professionals do not understand trader taxation. It is a very specialized area that relies heavily on tax court cases involving traders. There is also very little guidance from the IRS on trader taxation issues. Only in Publication 550 do we get a glimpse of the IRS’s thoughts on traders. By using standard business practices and the tax law, you can obtain the benefits the IRS specifically provides traders.

Everything you need to know is in Traders Accounting’s 3-DVD set presentation:

  Turning your trading into a business and using business entities to trade in.

  Creating a tax efficient trading plan.

  Tax implications of Mark-to-Market, Wash Sales, and Capital Losses.

  How traders are taxed and the deductions available to them.

  And other wealth protecting techniques.